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On the third day I re-tasted these, I will pause for a gratitude. This will be the last day for a while that I can have the samples at an ideal temperature without having to diddle them in and out of the fridge. Starting in early November of 2022 I’ve had this ability, and not for a minute have I taken it for granted. Sure, I can “make it work” otherwise, but many of the samples are either too cold or not quite cold enough, and the whole thing takes longer and is more distracting.

The last time I tasted Loewen samples it was late summer and there was a drama involving a dove and a squirrel’s nest she’d commandeered. Today the only drama is our unbelievably beautiful crabapple tree in full bloom. I’ll bet you can see it from space (where it must resemble a host of young brides fluffing about in their wedding dresses) but given my affability toward metaphor, these wines and the blooming tree are certainly linked by more than my little fantasies.

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