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Work on a charming small portfolio is underway. The 'Little Me Selections', by Terry Theise.  I'm curious to see what I find.

Austrian Portfolio Archive

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Champagne Portfolio Archive

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German Portfolio Archive

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Terry's most recent portfolio: Austria, Germany and Champagne.

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Wine Estates

I have a gift for discovering nascent superstars and extolling their virtues in some kind of persuasive fashion. 

I am drawn to finding small growers and offering their wines to interested merchants.

Apart from (*) all estates were never in the American market until I brought them here. All have since become rock-star brands. (*) had sporadic distribution and inconspicuous quantities. 

These estates, and the remainder of the portfolio I built, nurtured and maintained, remain at Skurnik Wines and Spirits.

Müller-Catoir 1987

Von Winning  since 2008

Dönnhoff  1987

Kruger-Rumpf  1988

Leitz  1990

Selbach-Oster 1985*

Merkelbach  1987

Willi Schaefer 1985

A.J. Adam  since 2001

Carl Loewen 1997

Pierre Gimonnet 1997*

Pierre Péters 1997*

Marc Hébrart 2004

Gaston Chiquet 1997

Moussé Fils 2011

Vilmart & Cie 1997

Chartogne-Taillet 1997

Heidi Schröck  1994

Nigl  1994

Bründlmayer 1994*

Schloss Gobelsburg since 1997

Hiedler 1994

Hirtzberger 1994

F.X. Pichler  1994

Hirsch 1997

Alzinger  1998

Nikolaihof 1996

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