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Weingut Prieler.

I promised to go live with these as soon as they were finished, and here’s the next one. It’s rather crowding on the Glatzer, but I spend a happy three days with the nine bottles Georg sent me, and we zoomed, and it’s ready. So!

There will be ebbs and flows based on how samples arrive. Many German growers will be bottling in May and June, so their wines will be the last to reach me. I anticipate a “bulge” of samples to reach me starting in late May.

But what’s poised to come along in the next few weeks includes Dautel, Schlossgut Diel, Vols, Ziereisen, Hirsch, Schröck, Berger, Hofer, Alzinger Vilmart & Cie, Chiquet, Hébrart, Glavier, and Gimonnet.

Having only drunk wine recreationally for the last year, I’m reminded of the “issues” around tasting, even when you taste as deliberately as I am doing. Even spitting, you are not without the effects of alcohol, and one of those effects (at least for me) is a total monkey-hunger afterwards, and even after dinner I want to keep eating. I have manfully resisted, or mostly, but I’d forgotten about this and will need to adjust. A year of being a wine-civilian has softened the calluses (guitar players will understand this image) and I gotta get practicing again.

Still, thus far it is all I hoped it would be. What I think might happen is, not only will the tasting reports discuss the wines in detail, but it will accumulate into a diary of tasting itself. I foresee something like a piece asking What Does It Entail To Taste Wine? What Does It Mean?

Prieler’s collection was inspiring, both in familiar ways and also in new ones. Seekers of soul in wines will find that these straddle both sides of the line, offering clearly outstanding qualities while at the same time expressing the evanescence that makes the alert drinker ask useful questions.

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