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While you all were doing whatever it is y’all do over the holidays, I was slaving, slaving I tell you, over a big assortment of samples from Von Winning, the results of which can be seen among the tasting reports.

It took me a good two weeks, interspersed with all the egregious caloric intake the holidays invite. Partly it was the sheer number of wines (and the 6,000-plus words of notes they engendered) but partly it was also the wines themselves. Which were complicated. Which wouldn’t hold still. Which required much re-thinking and re-tasting and self-examination to ensure I was being accurate and reasonable. All good, I hasten to add!

In all it was a delight, hardly surprising given the track record of this estate over the past near-decade. But there were few “easy” wines, and this was a time my multi-day full-immersion method felt entirely warranted. These were wines with stories, which they rarely told the same way twice. Catnip for a guy like me. Certainties are boring!

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